Please watch any or all of these videos while moving in gentle and enjoyable ways.

What is natural human movement? Why would one need a coach? What can you hope to gain?




This is a one minute "selfie" video trying to capture some of the sheer wild animal joy of running with natural human movement.



Victory Pose. This is a stance we all naturally take when we win, or climb to the top of a mountain. This natural movement stimulates happy hormones and emotions, as well as benefiting our muscles.



This TED talk by Amy Cuddy goes into some depth on part of why our posture is so powerful.



The first 12 minutes of this talk explain why most of us have a harmful impact when we walk or run.




Moving from the "core" to the floor to find "Foundation strength". Also discussing some of how even "good" shoes can distort the natural shape and function of our feet.




Squatting to sit and squatting to stand can greatly reduce the stress on our spine and knees.