Grace in Every Step: Reclaiming Our Natural Human Gait

Sun, October 14th, 1-3pm at Weaverville Yoga $35 ($28 for monthly members of Weaverville Yoga)

“What can I possibly gain from a walking workshop?”

  • simple movements and exercises to re-shape walking into the most gentle and efficient form.

  • improved balance, less risk of falls

  • greater enjoyment from walking

  • less pain in the feet, knees, hips, and low back pain

  • a joyful new tool for calming the mind, while energizing the whole body!

  • a better understanding of how to choose the best walking shoes for any terrain

  • strategies to incorporate more joyful movement into daily life

  • a natural movement foundation for gaining better running technique (future workshops will be available for those who may want to run)

What to bring:

  • soft comfortable clothing (yoga pants or shorts are best)

  • your most comfortable shoes (we will remove them when inside)

  • a desire to learn a whole new approach to walking and shoe choices

What to expect:

  • participation in gentle movements of the feet and ankles

  • some walking, some standing, some getting up and down from the floor

In this 2 hour workshop, we will address:

  • simple, effective tools for regaining foot mobility, alignment, and strength

  • how and why most of us walk poorly, and how this creates pain and/or reduces our desire to walk

  • how to walk with the grace, balance, and efficiency of our ancestors

  • how to select appropriate footwear options that help increase our natural innate strength, balance, and coordination

  • how to safely transition from shoes that diminish function, circulation, and strength to more comfortable and functional options

  • strategies to incorporate more walking into our lives

  • strategies to keep walking safely in any weather and any terrain

  • technology to use and technology to avoid for best results and maximum enjoyment!